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Explore Rhodes by Car: A Four day itinerary from Kiotari

Day 1:  Explore South Rhodes by Car

The first light of dawn is your signal to unravel the southern secrets of Rhodes. In Kiotari, where time seems to linger over coffee, you’ll be ready to begin a day that promises the true rugged charm of this island.

First Stop: Monolithos Castle – A Journey into the Past

Your first in the list Rhodes by Car venture, takes you to the majestic Monolithos Castle, perched atop a rocky hill, offering a visual narrative of Rhodes’ rich history. This 15th-century fortress, built by the Knights of Saint John, stands as a sentinel overlooking the sparkling Aegean Sea.

 It’s not just the castle that will capture your imagination, but also the breath-taking panoramas of the surrounding landscape. Remember, the path to the castle is a bit of an adventure itself, suitable for those who don’t mind a short hike. 

Second Stop: Prassonissi – Where Aegean Meets Mediterranean

Next, head to the southernmost tip of Rhodes to witness a natural wonder at Prassonissi, where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas blend seamlessly. This area is a paradise for wind and kite surfers, thanks to the unique wind conditions. 

Even if you’re not up for surfing, the sight of the two seas converging is truly a marvel to behold. The narrow strip of land connecting Prassonissi to the rest of Rhodes can be walked or driven across, depending on the tide, offering a one-of-a-kind experience.

Third Stop: Genadi Beach – Sun, Sea, and Serenity

Conclude your day at the tranquil Genadi Beach, where the golden sands invite you to unwind and soak in the serene vibes of the Mediterranean. It’s the perfect ending to a day filled with exploration and discovery. Grab a cocktail from one of the beach bars, find your spot under the sun, and relax as the rhythmic waves accompany your thoughts.

Day 2: The Lindos Pilgrimage

Rise and shine early to catch the first light washing over the cobbled streets of Lindos, a vibrant testament to the rich tapestry of history and culture that Rhodes offers. Today, you stand on the threshold of an odyssey back in time, seasoned with panoramic views and crystalline waters. Your second day of your Rhodes by car exploration awaits!

First Stop: Acropolis of Lindos – A Glimpse into Antiquity

Your first stop is the Acropolis of Lindos, a beacon of ancient Greek civilization. Perched dramatically on a high cliff, this archaeological wonder offers not just a history lesson carved in stone but also stunning views of the surrounding bays and the sprawling village below. Climbing up the stone steps, you’re following in the footsteps of generations, reaching back to the 4th century BC.

HINT – BOOK YOUR TICKETS ONLINE: Be sure to book your tickets online to avoid the long waiting lines and the sun. This small step can significantly enhance your visit, allowing you to breeze through the entrance and devote more time to marvel at the ancient wonders that await.

Second Stop: St Paul’s Bay – A Sapphire Jewel

Next, a short drive or a pleasant walk from the Acropolis leads you to the serene St. Paul’s Bay. Legend holds it that the Apostle Paul landed here in 51 AD to preach Christianity. Today, it’s a picturesque swimming spot, with crystal-clear waters hugging a heart-shaped bay, bordered by sandy and pebbly beaches. 

It’s a perfect spot for swimming, snorkelling, or just lounging under the sun, enveloped by the high cliffs that offer a natural respite from the bustling outside world.

Third Stop: The Village of Lindos – Wandering Through Whitewashed Wonders

Spend your afternoon meandering through the enchanting streets of Lindos village itself. This labyrinth of narrow, winding alleyways, flanked by whitewashed houses and dotted with vibrant bougainvillaea, leads to hidden squares and timeless scenes of Greek life. Take time to explore the eclectic mix of boutiques, tavernas, and rooftop cafes where you can indulge in traditional Greek dishes while soaking in panoramic views of the village and sea sprawling below.

Day 3: The Western Wonder

Your third day begins with the promise of exploring the untamed beauty that the western side of Rhodes proudly holds. This part of Rhodes, less trodden by the average tourist, offers a more authentic glimpse into the island’s rustic charm and natural wonders.

First Stop: The Castle of Kritinia

Time to get up early! Set off your Rhodes by Car exploration day 2, with a visit to the Castle of Kritinia, a hidden gem that dates back to the 16th century. Perched on a hilltop, this fortress offers panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding islands.

The castle’s ruins whisper tales of knights and pirates, inviting you to lose yourself in the corridors of time. The drive to Kritinia itself is scenic, surrounded by lush greenery and the tranquil beauty of nature untouched by modern hustle.

Second Stop: Ancient Kameiros: Stepping Back in Time

After immersing yourself in the medieval mystique of the Castle of Kritinia, make your way to the captivating ruins of Ancient Kameiros. This often-overlooked archeological site takes you on a profound journey back to the Hellenistic period.

Unearthed from a time when the agora, temples, and homes were bustling with life, Kameiros provides a stark, beautiful contrast to the tourist-filled sites. Its layout, not unlike a small version of Pompeii, showcases the sophistication of ancient urban planning, with remains of a sophisticated water supply system and the remnants of the Temple of Athena Kameiras standing as silent testaments to its past glory.

Third Stop: Early Dinner in Apollona Village

Our Rhodes by car adventure is complete without savouring the local cuisine. For an early dinner, make your way to one of the traditional taverns in Apollona village. Nestled in the lush Rhodian mountains, Apollona offers a selection of taverns that serve authentic Greek dishes made from locally sourced ingredients.

Enjoy the warmth of Greek hospitality as you dine amidst the village’s tranquil ambiance. Dishes to try include the succulent lamb kleftiko, moussaka, and a variety of fresh seafood, perfectly paired with a glass of local wine.

Day 4: The Grandeur of Rhodes Town

Day four of your Rhodes by Car adventure brings you to the heart of the island, Rhodes Town, where history and culture converge in a magnificent display of architectural splendour and vibrant street life.

First Stop: Rhodes Old Town & Palace of the Grand Master

Begin your exploration in the timeless Rhodes Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that transports you back to the age of knights and chivalry. Stroll along the Street of the Knights, where medieval buildings line the cobbled path leading to the imposing Palace of the Grand Master. This majestic fortress, once the residence of the Knights of St. John, houses artifacts that reveal the island’s rich history, from Byzantine mosaics to Ottoman relics. Its grandeur and architectural elegance make it a must-visit landmark that encapsulates the spirit of Rhodes.

HINT – BOOK ONLINE TO SAVE TIME: To make the most of your visit, it’s highly recommended to book your tickets online in advance for the Palace of the Grand Master. This not only saves you valuable time by skipping the often lengthy queues but also ensures your entry during peak visiting hours. 

Second Stop: Mandraki Harbour

Next, meander towards the breezy Mandraki Harbour, once reputed to be the site where the Colossus of Rhodes stood. Today, it’s a picturesque marina, dotted with yachts and encircled by cafés and shops. The harbour is also home to the iconic deer statues and medieval windmills that line the entrance, offering a perfect backdrop for a leisurely walk or a coffee break, soaked in the lively atmosphere and scenic views.

Third Stop: The Valley of the Butterflies (Petaloudes)

After the hustle of the town, find solace in the tranquil natural beauty of the Valley of the Butterflies (Petaloudes). This unique nature reserve becomes a kaleidoscope of colour in summer, as thousands of butterflies adorn the lush vegetation. The serene paths and wooden bridges winding through the valley offer a magical experience, with the gentle sound of running water and the subtle flutter of wings filling the air. It’s a peaceful retreat that highlights the island’s natural wonders.

Final Stop: Dinner in Psinthos Village

Conclude your day with an authentic culinary adventure in Psinthos Village. Tucked away in the island’s verdant interior, Psinthos is a charming village known for its warm hospitality and exquisite Greek cuisine. Choose from one of the local taverns and settle in for an evening of traditional dishes, from aromatic stews to grilled meats and fresh salads, complemented by the village’s homely atmosphere. 


Exploring Rhodes by car offers a unique and intimate way to discover the island’s vast treasures. From the ancient ruins whispering tales of bygone eras to the vibrant local villages pulsating with life and tradition, each stop on this road trip unfurls a new layer of Rhodes’s rich tapestry. The unparalleled freedom to meander at your own pace allows for spontaneous detours, ensuring that every turn holds a potential adventure.

If you have any questions regarding this itinerary or if you’re yearning for even more adventures in Rhodes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team is eager to assist you in discovering all the hidden gems this enchanting island has to offer.

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